Service for a Refugee Warehouse in Calais, France

May 2, 2017

A group of 4 SSIO members from Belgium and The Netherlands collected and delivered 5 m3 food items, sleeping bags, shoes and clothing to a large Refugee Warehouse in Calais where large numbers of refugees are living in provisional camps. This was already the third trip the SSIO volunteers made for this refugee project. We were warmly accepted by the Refugee aid organisation volunteers running “the Warehouse” and we jointly inspected and joined quilts and quilt covers and sorted many other items.

From this warehouse, deliveries of fresh food items, hot food, specified clothing, sleeping gear and toiletries were delivered to the wild camping refugees surrounding Calais. Local volunteers knew how to find more than 1000 refugees who are now surviving outside.

“The warehouse” also regularly sends truckloads of items to the refugee camps in France, Greece and Italy, Serbia, Turkey and Lebanon. The SSIO members were impressed by experiencing so much love from cooperating with the local youthful volunteers.