“You do My work, I do your work”

The meeting of Sai Centre Leaders with a theme of Love in Action in Zone 7 takes place every three years, and each time it has its own outstanding

feature that makes it special. This time, about 130 devotees from 15 countries assembled in a former monastery in the south of The Netherlands.

Besides inspiring speeches and useful practical workshops, the Centre Leaders’ Meeting (CLM) participants had an opportunity to take part in a networking fair. The Sathya Sai Organisation of each country was invited to deliver an exposition of its activities. Each country did its best and brought posters, photos, books, video material and various small items (collected by the archive team). The networking fair was a perfect illustration of the main meeting theme, Love in Action.

On Saturday, we were led into Love in Action by the speeches of Petra von Kalinowski and Marianne Meyer, followed by an address by Dr. Veeru Mudigonda from the UK, who explored the meaning of You do My work, I do your work. “Do we really want to become like Swami?” This was his question.

This was the first time that Sai brothers and sisters from the UK and Ireland joined a CLM. They brought much joy, inspiration and humour, and last, but not least, stories about their experiences with Sai.

The workshops covered different themes: Loving communication,  Experiencing unity in a study circle, Service, The essence of surrender, Love in Action for Mother Earth, bringing Human Values into society with Love, spreading Love in the family, workplace and into the outer world.

Saturday evening brought a cultural programme organised by the Dutch Sai Youth with members presenting their own songs, often touching and inspiring. A song called The Puttaparthi shuffle by Shay Moran, the Irish NCP, earned a long ovation and a lot of laughter.

An Open Space session was held where questions could be asked and discussed in groups.

A panel followed, consisting of Marianne Meyer, Petra von Kalinowski, Manfred Müller-Gransee, Maria Quoos and Jan Floris where open questions could be raised so that everybody could leave with a bag full of answers and inspirations.

Those present were thankful for the spiritual atmosphere of the monastery, the exemplary hospitality and many felt that the hosts were true embodiments of Love in Action.