On 19th June and 16th October 2018, a group of dedicated SSIO members from the Netherlands and Belgium took trips to Calais, France, delivering goods to refugees in need. This being their eleventh and twelfth trip to the area, each group drove a long way with cars full of clothes, food, and essential day-to-day toiletry items. They also took tents to give the refugees protection and shelter. The items were obtained via generous financial donations, but also items collected by the SSIO members in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

The service group is always welcome by the local volunteers from all over the world. The days not only involved driving to the refugee location, but then unloading the goods and taking  them to the onsite kitchen or warehouse. All voluntary participants on both days were very happy after delivering the items to the refugees, especially as they reflected upon the day during the long drive home. Over one thousand refugees received these essential, much needed items.