Since 2013, young adults from Karlsruhe Sai Centre have been carrying out the Food For The Needy project. Part of the Serve The Planet campaign

and has been a lifeline for those in need, in this part of Southern Germany.

Based in the Diakonie (which means ‘The Door’), a central hub for the poor and needy, this collaboration between the two organisations ensures that the needy are fed with love and compassion.

The event took place on April 22nd, 2018 and was generously supported by those unable to attend the event, with food or monetary donations.

Not only does this event give an opportunity to feed the less fortunate, but it offers a chance of personal companionship and conversation, to those who attend. After lunch, some of the volunteers sat with some of the homeless individuals, to talk and lend a listening ear. Sometimes this is all that is needed to help a person, listening to their worries, and offering compassion and empathy.

A successful event at the Diakonie centre, left the participants with a reignited  sense of love and light in their hearts.