On this latest visit to Calais, devotees from the SSIO of Belgium and Netherlands focused on cutting and supplying wood to residents living at the five refugee camps and to the food distribution centre, which provides the residents with meals.

Especially during these cold winter months, staying warm is as much a requirement as eating, and the wood is used to burn fires for cooking and heating food, drying clothes and generally keeping warm.

In contrast to the previous visit, when wood supply was running low and spirits were down, this visit was met with smiling faces and lots of enthusiasm after a nearby firm came forward to offer as much wood as required for free of charge!

So volunteers joined to cut, prepare and transport three truckloads of wood to the camps and food distribution centre on the day and also prepared and packed enough wood to be delivered three times a day to all five camps after they have left. In addition to the wood supply, clothes and blankets were also delivered to the residents.  

During the day, 80 volunteers and 1,250 residents were treated to a wholesome and tasty lunch of rice, lentil sauce and curry with red beans.