At the tail end of 2017, the Sai young adults in Germany gathered for their annual meeting to introspect into the past year as well as to look ahead to the New Year. In the familiar surroundings of "Stilles Haus", the seminar centre of the German SSIO near to Kassel, around 15 participants met to exchange their views and take part in multiple, well-prepared workshops. 

The diverse programme included early morning yoga-sessions, meditation, a walk through the nearby forest, singing and musical performances, housekeeping, joint preparation of meals and a singsong around a garden bonfire. These activities allowed in-depth communication and provided a lot of inspiration for the year ahead, as they mapped out plans to engage young adults in 2018.

The plans included the decision to continue a series of "Leadership and self-management" seminars for young adults with Manfred Müller-Gransee as the guest-lecturer. In terms of a group activity, the team proposed that young adults will co-organise the traditional Pentecost meeting at Stemwede, working closely alongside all three wings of the organisation.

In terms of environmental initiatives, the young adults will host a seminar on Protect the Planet, as part of the 2017–2018 international Serve the Planet initiative, and a project to create a CD recording with original songs for the Love All Serve All (LASA) international initiative will also be piloted.