Members from the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) of Stockholm, Sweden, had a double celebration to mark Sathya Sai’s Birthday this year.

Firstly, 30 devotees got together on 23rd November at a fellow devotee’s house to sing devotional songs in front of a beautifully decorated altar, after which a birthday cake was offered to Sathya Sai followed by dinner.

Then on 26th November, 10 members of the SSIO in Stockholm got together at a soup kitchen to cook a vegetarian meal for 50 homeless people. This was followed by a game of chess with some of the visitors, who also requested more information about the voluntary work of the SSIO and asked for the organisation’s website address.

Toiletries were distributed to the homeless including 80 toothbrushes, 48 toothpastes, 40 bottles of shower/shampoo and 30 hygiene products.