Refugees camping in the wild outside Calais received their seventh batch of clothing, food and toiletries courtesy of devotees from the SSIO of Belgium and Netherlands on 26th September, 2017. The items are collected and distributed from 'The Warehouse', which is a collaboration of four different organisations from the UK and France under the umbrella of 'Help Refugees'. Since the first delivery by the SSIO in February 2017, 64 m3 (9,600 kg) worth of items have been transported and delivered alongside a total donation of €2,000 used to purchased food items for 'Refugee Kitchen', which distributes 2,400 hot meals twice a day to the refugees. €1,000 c

overs the cost of additional food purchases for one day (in addition to the food donations made to the warehouse). Founded five years ago, the warehouse now has 30 volunteers, mainly youth, who dedicate huge amounts of time, sometimes weeks and months, to supply hot meals, clothing, bedding and hygiene products to the refugees in Calais, as well as supplying items to the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Italy.