Ever since the Minister for Youth, Family and Sports highlighted the extent of orphaned children in the Ukraine in 2012, devotees of the SSIO in Germany have been lending their support to orphanages in the country and this year was no different.

On 20th October, celebrated as the day Sathya Sai announced his mission, the Wiesbaden group collected and prepared an advent-calendar made of socks as well as numerous parcels filled with sweets and gifts, and sent them to the orphanages to be delivered in good time for Christmas.

The programme began in 2014 when information came to light, that an estimated number of 115,000 children grow up without their parents, but that there are many more in unknown numbers. It is believed that the situation was so critical that children were living on the road, or in sewage systems, without any guardians, even in winter, just to avoid living with drug-addicted parents. Others lived in orphanages lacking even the most basic necessities.

The first in line to lend a helping hand was the German SSIO-Group of Weilmünster which followed the motto of that Avatar’s Day “Children our future” and sent a monthly amount to the Ukrainian SSIO-Group of Cherson in order to support children in need, i.e. refugees as well as orphans.

Parallel to this kind of support the devotees of Weilmünster attempted to send parcels and found a reliable way of transportation. Six months later they introduced their project to the devotees of their region and succeeded to broaden the basis of their seva. In the course of time the contact between Cherson and Region 3 became stronger and Region 2 of Germany joined the project in 2016.

Meanwhile donations in kind as well as transfer of money reach the Ukrainian devotees who support some of the orphanages and have been doing so ever since. Moreover, support is given to refugees from the eastern parts of the Ukraine (medicines and food), to regular Narayana-Seva activities and renovation work at a home for the blinds.

This project will be continued and serves as shining example to follow Sai’s command “HELP EVER!”