This year’s European Service camp on the theme of ‘Your life is my message’ was attended by 40 participants from across Europe, including Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Greece.


The 10-day summer camp which took place at Sai Prema in Athens, Greece, started with a daily programme of prayers in different languages followed by uplifting devotional singing and yoga exercises. After breakfast, the participants had the opportunity to go for swimming and enjoy some leisure time by the seaside in crystal clear waters and amidst pleasant temperatures. 


After lunch the group split up into different workshops and tackled different topics including a quiz about Sathya Sai’s life; a play from the life of Buddha, which taught the importance of spiritual discrimination; discussions on the question how our livings can protect earth and nature; and finally a story from Saint Tukaram’s life which was also enacted later on in the programme. One of the camp days also included practicing silence and fasting.


Other highlights included a spontaneously formed Sai Prema Quartet who delighted all participants with a concert of spiritual songs accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar, percussion and santouri (a traditional, stringed instrument from Greece).


Before leaving the site, everyone chose a pebble from the Greek sea, painted and inscribed with a value or mantra by the Greek devotees, as a reminder of their special and unforgettable experience at the camp.