For the fourth Easter running, 12 members from the Sathya Sai Centre of Riga, visited a night shelter which provides temporary accommodation to homeless, elderly women with health problems.

In the first two years, members would take holiday packages with food items to distribute to the residents, but more recently they have chosen to spend quality time with the members instead, and have organised concerts and taken printed handouts with the lyrics so everyone can sing along to the songs including popular love songs, songs about selfless love and songs about angels.

SSIO members felt that human contact was a greater need for the residents of the shelter, so this year as well as singing together, they had a chance to speak to the residents over tea and homemade cakes. Hearing some of the stories from the women made some cry and a lot of hugs and tears were exchanged during the brief interchange, which felt way too short. Both the residents and members parted with a lot of love in their hearts and looked forward to meeting again next year.